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Cheat Code to Investing

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This eBook is perfect for beginner investors, it's packed with valuable information that all investors should know. It breaks down different fund types and why an investor would be interested in each type. It also breaks the stock down to an economic point and explains why the market performs the way it does. Grab this ebook, dive in, and learn the cheat code to the greatest market in the world "The stock market"

*The reader must remember:

The information in this is not investment advice, it is simply a guide to helping you begin.

Upon completion of this book, the reader will learnĀ 

1. What it means to be an investor

2. 3 Main types of stock.

3. Which stocks can pay you quarterly or even monthly.

4. Why the market has ups and downs and what you should do to combat it.

5. The cheat code to investing.

6. Main sources your retirement income should come from.

7. Learn about a 4 letter word that means everything in the stock market and investing.

Do not purchase this book if:

1. You aren't interested in the Stock Market.

2. You are afraid to open an Investment Account.

3. You don't have a computer or a device to read this digital book in.

4. You don't have at least an 8th-grade education.

5. You won't further your education on Investing and believe this book is the only way to become an Investor.
You will get a PDF (816KB) file

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